Monday, December 10, 2007

Quick update

Just a quick update today. It's been a busy week with my finals coming up and I haven't had time to do anything but work on my restaurant design project. I worked on it for at least 16 hours this weekend and will be at it for about another 4-5 hours after work tonight (this is in addition to the countless hours I spent on it prior to this weekend). My dreams all take place in SketchUp and Photoshop scenarios now. Thankfully Rick has other people besides me that he can hang out with because I was officially no fun this weekend. But it's almost done (can't wait until Wednesday!) and then I can stop being the neglectful wife and mother-to-be that I've been for the past few weeks.

Baby Webson seems to be doing well. He's been very active lately! I think he's trying to remind me to get more exercise by setting a good example--one yoga class a week isn't cutting it! I think once the holidays are over I'm going to try to find a prenatal pilates class to add to my regiment. If I could find a prenatal belly dancing class that would be even better, but I'm not holding my breath. I may have to settle for a DVD instead.

Hope everyone is doing well! I'll try to post a new picture soon but unfortunately it might not be until next week. Wish me luck on my finals--


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