Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hello everyone! Thought it was about time to post some pictures of some of our nursery "stuff". As you might recall from a long-ago post, we decided our theme for the nursery would be ALIENS. Which has now expanded to include other space-related things. First we have a picture of the inspiration fabric, which my mom liked so much that she decided to make our crib bumper and a quilt out of it. It's a nice soft flannel that I'm sure any baby would dig. The next picture is a piece of "art" we found at Target when registering the other day. We liked the robots and the rocket ships. Plus it's educational! All the planets of the solar system (including poor Pluto) are shown. Heeheehee. As for the rest of the art in the room, we will soon be having an art-creation gathering for anyone who is interested. I'll pick up a
bunch of canvases from a craft store, paint on a background color, and anyone who wants to can create their own alien-being (or robot, or space-themed thing) to be hung in baby Webson's room. I'll keep you all posted on the date.

This afternoon Rick and I finally found a crib! We went to a baby furniture warehouse during lunch today. They had a ton of stuff to chose from, and luckily the crib we found happens to be in stock so we don't have to worry about lead times on delivery. We went for a stationary crib as opposed to a drop-side crib--it seemed like all the drop side cribs we saw weren't very sturdy. Plus both of us are fairly tall so we shouldn't have any trouble leaning down to place a sleeping baby into a crib with stationary sides. I tried to find a picture of the one we picked online but with no luck. It's mission-style, fairly simple lines, and I think we're going for a chestnut finish. We could also get the conversion kit for it to make it into a full-sized bed eventually, but we'll worry about that later.
As for the rest of the nursery, Rick is madly stripping paint these days and should be finished fairly soon! I plan on visiting the paint store this weekend to start trying to decide on the wall and trim colors. We'll probably go with something fairly neutral since we have a lot of blue stuff going into the room (who ever thought I'd be so traditional with all this blue for our boy??). All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about the nursery--I know there's a lot left to do and buy but it seems to be coming together quite nicely.

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