Friday, January 4, 2008

Seems I've fallen behind on my posting! I wanted to post a picture from Christmas, so I thought I'd go with a me-and-my-sister-Lisa picture. My smile is kinda goofy but she was so happy to see us that I had to post her picture here.

A few things have happened this week worth noting. First, we registered at Babies R Us on Saturday. Talk about exhausting, and we're not finished yet! Registering for baby stuff is completely different than registering for wedding stuff. Wedding stuff was mostly fun to pick out--it was all about what we wanted or felt we needed, and a lot of the decisions were based on our personal style. Baby stuff, on the other hand, has only a little to do with style and much more to do with SAFETY and ease of use. We had to consult our Consumer Reports guide for every item, then try to figure out how to use them. Only then could we think about style (and truth be told, at BRU there are only a few things available that would in any way reflect Rick and my personal style, our thinking was more in the line of "it's not horrible" than "it's exactly what we'd choose if given every option"). But it's not about us anymore, is it? Gotta keep that in mind...

Anyway, we still have a few more things to register for at BRU, plus we will go to Target as well and pick out some things there, too. The woman at BRU said we'd register for around 100-120 items. So far we've registered for 29. I think the BRU lady just wants to make more sales, because honestly I don't think it would be possible to find 70+ more items to register for! Yikes!

In other baby news, I found out that my health insurance will reimburse us for a good portion of our childbirth class--woo-hoo! And I found out what we need to do once the baby's born to make sure he gets onto our insurance plan as soon as possible (that's all on Rick's shoulders, since it's his insurance plan). AND I printed up a list of pediatricians in our area to interview, so hopefully that will get underway soon. I also found the form that I'll need to fill out for my short-term disability maternity leave coverage (it's about 5 pages long--ugh), though I still need to call my AFLAC rep to make sure I know what to do with it. And Rick has done more paint stripping this week in the nursery. Progress!
Hope you all have a great weekend--

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