Saturday, March 29, 2008

40 weeks 3 days

Nope, still haven't had the baby! He seems quite content where he is. But we're going to keep trying whatever we can to convince him to show up! Tonight we made the famous eggplant parmisiana that is supposed to bring on labor. The link to the recipe and story behind it is: It's a really tasty recipe, so even if it doesn't do what it's supposed to it was at least yummy, and now we have TONS of leftovers to freeze!

Side note to Tanya, if you're reading this and haven't gone into labor yet yourself, feel free to swing by and pick some up! And Meghan, we'll keep some frozen for you until you need it. :-)

This was a pretty challenging recipe and honestly, despite it's tastiness I'll probably never make it again. Preparing the eggplant was a HUGE pain! Plus, even though I had the recipe in front of me when making our grocery list today, we managed to forget to buy 2 things, which of course we discovered separately. So Rick had to go back to the store twice during the preparation of this dish. I think we're a little distracted these days!

Oh, fyi, the marinara sauce was actually pretty easy to make and was really good--there's just a little crushed red pepper in it which gives it a kick without making it too spicy. I definitely recommend trying it for other dishes!

Hoping the eggplant parm works its wonders--


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