Friday, March 14, 2008

A couple of pictures and a 38 week update

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd post a couple of new photos along with my update. We had an ultrasound on Tuesday that went really well--the baby looks great and my fluid levels are still normal. We also got a couple of 4d pictures (the 4th "d" is movement, which I didn't know until this week) of his head and it's been confirmed that he is cute. Obviously you can't see the movement part of the ultrasound picture but I have to admit that part was totally freaky. It definitely had a "melting face" quality to it that looked a little like it should be in a horror film. I'm glad we got a couple of good still photos! You can't see his forehead since the top of his head is pretty dang low right now, but if you look closely you can see that he's smiling in the top picture. :-)

The other photo is, of course, of me in all my 38-weeks-pregnant glory. It's getting hard to find clothes that fit, and this shirt (which is a loaner from a friend of a friend) used to be so huge I thought I would always swim in it, yet now it barely covers my belly! Heehee...

Now for the update: Nothing is happening. I had an OB appointment yesterday which included a quick internal check and nothing has changed. No dilation, no effacement. Boo. And my OB said that even though the ultrasound indicated that the baby is currently around 7 lbs, she's guessing he's really closer to 8 lbs. That's a pretty big baby for 38 weeks, especially since it looks like my wishful thinking of going into labor early probably won't be a reality. In fact my OB is already talking about inducing me, though I have told her I'd prefer not to be induced until my due date has passed. Once I hit 40 weeks and 1 day, we'll talk. Until then, I'll be looking up all the ways to get things moving on my own (lots of walking and activity, burning that herb my acupuncturist gave me, finding the mythical eggplant recipe that's supposed to naturally induce labor, plus some other stuff that's not polite to discuss...).

Hope everyone is doing well and has great plans for the weekend! If you need to find me just look for the big pregnant lady wandering around Lowell eating eggplant...


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