Thursday, March 27, 2008

My due date has come and gone...

...and still we wait.

Now, I realize that most first-timers like me give birth after their due date, and up until yesterday I was feeling pretty ok with that and not too terribly impatient (well, maybe a little impatient...). But I think that was because I was still feeling really good--I had energy and didn't have too many aches or pains and felt pretty clear-headed. Yesterday that all changed, and honestly I was feeling pretty hopeful that the kiddo would decide to show up soon. Suddenly I'm super tired again and my back hurts more and my stomach keeps tightening up (Braxton Hicks contractions--they don't hurt they just tighten up all your abdominal muscles--I've been getting them for about a month but the past day and a half it's been with increased frequency) and I was feeling more crampy and nauseous...I even stayed home from work today since it was a fairly dramatic shift from how I was feeling just a couple of days ago.

But nothing has changed all day. And now I'm thinking that I'm just going to feel kind of crummy for the next week or so, while our little guy tries to decide when he wants to arrive. Already he's got a mind of his own.

Impatiently yours,


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