Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update: My OB is suddenly reasonable again!

We had another OB appointment this morning, and it was if we were talking to a completely different person than we talked to last week! My OB didn't try to convince us to induce at all, just asked how long we thought we wanted to wait. And when we said we'd be willing to induce sometime next week, she said "let's wait until Monday and see what happens". She did mention that she doesn't want us to go past 42 weeks, which seems completely reasonable--I think that's fairly standard if you go the OB route (midwives might let you go a little longer...).

As Rick commented on our way to the parking garage, maybe we just caught her on a bad day last week!

We still have our ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to check the amniotic fluid level--if anything changes I'll keep you all posted!

Feeling relieved,


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