Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nursery progress!

Hi everyone! I was hoping to post a few pictures of the nursery progress today but forgot to download them from the camera before leaving the house. So instead I'll do a write up on it and post the pictures at some later date. The update: It's finally all coming together! We finished painting the walls and the trim a week and a half ago, and had the floor refinished last week (yes it still stinks--my word how long does it take for polyurethane to finish off-gassing?). It looks amazing!! Rick brought the doors to a furniture refinisher last week and just got them back yesterday, so we still need to paint them but just getting all that paint off makes a world of difference. I think we're going to do that with the windows as well once it warms up a little more--talk about a time saver! However we'll probably do a price comparison to see if it would make sense to replace those two windows outright--they wouldn't have the same character of the old wood windows we have but they'd be more energy efficient. We'll see how it shakes out.

Rick also started putting the furniture together this weekend. The crib is beautiful, just as we thought it would be. We did run into a bit of a snafu when putting it together--the pre-drilled holes on the front railing didn't match up with the posts! But thankfully the store that it was purchased from let us bring back the defective part and exchange it for one that was drilled correctly. I feel like they really went above and beyond the call of duty doing that for us--I think most baby furniture stores would have made us contact the manufacturer and get a new part from them (which I was prepared to do, having heard that was how the baby furniture world works), especially since we had neither the receipt nor the box that the crib came in. So if anyone out there is looking to buy baby or kid's furniture soon, shop at the Kid and Baby Furniture Warehouse in Reading! They also sell toys, strollers, high chairs, etc.

In addition to the crib, the bookshelf is also together so we can start loading it with all the books we received from the shower and from Christmas. Our little guy has quite the library started!

We still need to put together the dresser, which might be challenging. We found it at IKEA (along with a rug, a lamp, and a really cool nightlight) and haven't taken it out of the boxes yet. I'm a bit afraid, to tell you the truth. There's a lot of parts, and since it's IKEA furniture you know the directions will be in pictogram form. I'm usually pretty good with stuff like that (thanks to years of putting together jigsaw puzzles with my mom!) but in my current state of hugeness it'll be difficult for me to help much. In fact there's a chance that Rick would find my presence bossy and annoying during the assembly process (though of course he'd never tell me that). :-)

That's about it for the update--I'm sure I could find more to add but this post is too long as it is! I'll post pictures soon, I promise! Much love--


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