Thursday, April 3, 2008

More waiting!!

Well, shoot. I just received a call from Lowell General telling us to "stay put" for a couple of hours since labor and delivery is busy this morning and they want to make sure they have a bed for me before we come in. :-( We should hear from them by 10 am with our updated game plan. Sigh. All I really hope is that we can get in today sometime and we don't have to wait until tomorrow (or later) to get this done. I know I originally didn't want an induction, but now that it's been planned and I've been anticipating it I just want to get on with it so I can finally meet our baby! Plus I had been feeling pretty calm about everything up to this point, but I know all this waiting to hear from the hospital is going to wear on my nerves--I'll end up being a basket case if this takes too long!

Patience, patience...


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