Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Officially 41 weeks

Well, we made it to 41 weeks today and still no sign of the munchkin. I had my acupuncture appointment yesterday and while it seemed to be doing something while I was there (the baby was VERY active the whole time, which was a good sign), a few hours after I got home he returned to his normal activity levels (my acu. said he'd be very active all night) and I started feeling much better than I had all day--earlier I was feeling a ton of pressure in my abdomen, my back hurt, and I was exhausted. And today I feel great, like I could carry this kid for another 3 weeks. Not that I'd want to! But I definitely don't feel like today's going to be the day we head to the hospital. Of course since I've never done this before I could be wrong! I'm still hoping, though I'm pretty happy we have a back up plan and will be having this baby tomorrow no matter what!

This whole waiting business is a weird thing. It definitely creates a huge mixture of emotions--obviously excitement and anticipation, but it also give me a little too much time to think about the enormity of becoming a parent (not to mention too much time to think about what the labor is going to be like!). It's a bit overwhelming! But like bazillions of people before us, I'm sure Rick and I will do just fine.

Oh, on a side note, once we head to the hospital we'll be without a computer until we get home again. So unfortunately I won't be able to post pictures or updates for a few days. I'm sure you all understand...

Wish us luck!


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