Friday, May 2, 2008

Time Management, or lack thereof

So throughout my adult life I've always considered myself a pretty well organized person who has managed her time fairly well. NO MORE!! Throw an infant into the mix and suddenly I just can't get anything done! Ok that's not totally correct--obviously what I've been doing is taking care of Dashiell, which is a fine way to spend my time, but all the things I used to do have fallen to the wayside. Take this blog, for instance! It's been two weeks since I've even looked at it! But now that Dash is a month old, I feel like I should at least post a new picture! I've also fallen completely behind on my email as well (sorry all of you who are waiting for me to write back!).

Stuff we've discovered lately: Dashiell loves the vacuum cleaner! Turn it on when he's fussy and within seconds he's calm. It's a good trick! Same with riding in the car or going for walks. We're still working on the swing and the baby carrier, but he's slowly warming up to them.

fyi, according to our pediatrician he's growing like a weed! He's currently 10 lbs 4.8 oz and 23" long--wow!!

Speaking of our little guy, it sounds like he's ready for his bedtime snack! I'll try to post a few more pictures soon, I promise!


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