Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just for my Minnesota peeps...

Since the last picture was of Dashiell in a Red Sox onesie, I thought it only fair to post a photo of him in a Twins onesie as well. It's funny how many sports-related items of clothing Dashiell has, considering how un-sportsy Rick and I are. :-) But now he at least has a fighting chance of fitting in around here! Well, if we keep him out of the Twins gear, that is...

Dash is starting to get more fussy in the afternoons and evenings, which is not so fun. I'm beginning to wonder if he's a bit colicky. But we're using our "Happiest Baby on the Block" tips (swaddling, white noise, swaying, etc) and bringing him outside almost constantly, which all seems to help somewhat.

Speaking of being fussy, our little man is working himself up as I write! I suppose I need to be a good mother and at least try to calm him down! Later--


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