Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What the heck are these things at the end of my legs?

How freakin' cute is this? Dashiell discovered his feet the other day while hanging out on Rick's lap, and since then he's been constantly grabbing them. This is the first picture we got of him holding onto a toe (apologies to Rick for the headless torso shot). But heehee what a funny kid!

I'm also posting this picture of the two of us together despite the fact that I look a little unwashed. I'm hoping you all will focus on Dash's sweet expression and not on my bed head. LOL

Things in the Weber Hanson household are going really well! Dashiell got to spend last Friday with his great-aunt Sue, great-uncle Tony, and great-grandparents Elaine and Jack. He was in a good mood when I got him home so he must have had a great time with all the "greats"!

On a side note, we set up a Skype account to do video calls with friends and family, so if you have a web cam and want to chat face-to-face with us, shoot me an email and we'll connect up! Fun!


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