Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Puppet fun!

On the advice of a fellow blogger I went out and got a puppet for Dashiell yesterday. OMG I didn't expect him to dig it as much as he did! He was totally cracking up whenever he saw it! Usually to get a good laugh out of him we have to physically tickle him in some way, but for some reason he finds his little fire chief puppet to be just as funny as any tickle could be.

Unfortunately Target only had a fire chief and a police officer puppet available--I was hoping for a paramedic. Ah well, we'll get some other paramedic-based toy later on, I'm sure...

Here's yet another crummy-looking video from my phone that I took while we were playing with his new puppet yesterday. Note to any group of people trying to think of a good present for Rick or me in the near future: a real video camera would be sweet. ;-)

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