Saturday, October 11, 2008

Admittedly boring post

Not much to report this week but I feel guilty for not posting an update so you see the dilemma I'm in...

The big news is that Dashiell is now 6 months old! I was going to post a picture of him from his 6-month birthday last Sunday but I can't figure out what Rick did with the photos we took on the Cape and he's currently taking a little siesta so I can't ask him either! Bummer. At some point I'll post a couple of our beach pictures. The Cape was lovely but chilly. Dash did great sleeping in a strange place, which is good since tonight he's sleeping at the grandparents! Without us! Scary! This is his first overnight visit without us so we'll see how he (and we) do. Rick and I plan on heading up to Topsfield fair this evening and then sleeping an uninterrupted 10 hours after we get home. This morning I didn't even mind that Dashiell wouldn't go back to sleep on his own after an hour of babbling at 4 am because I knew I'd have plenty of time to sleep tonight! Though I already miss him--It's 5:30 pm and right about now is when Dash is the most fun. I bet he's laughing and squealing and trying to stand and jump around. Ah well...we can't be with him all the time, right?

Hope you all are having a good Columbus day weekend!


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