Friday, October 3, 2008

No longer a toothless grin!

Woo-hoo we have a tooth!! It just poked through on Wednesday, and it's about the cutest (and sharpest) thing ever! We suspect tooth #2 to join in shortly. Dashiell is such a trooper! Besides chewing on everything and drooling like mad (and frankly he's always been big on the drool), we would have never guessed he was teething. No grumpiness at all! Maybe this was part of his 3 am wakings but I won't hold my breath.

Dash had his 6 month doctor's appointment yesterday and he's doing well. Still noodley! 27 1/2 inches long (85 percentile), weighing 16 lbs. 3.8 oz (35 percentile). I personally think he's perfectly proportioned, but then again I'm supposed to think that.

We're off to the Cape this weekend for our first mini family vacation! I'm looking forward to bringing Dashiell to the beach so he can see the ocean! No sun bathing or swimming, though--it's going to be way too chilly for that!

Here's another short video of him sitting--as you can see he's getting much better at it! Sorry for the bad quality, this one was from my phone again.

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