Thursday, November 20, 2008


I think I could start a new business--baby rentals! Guaranteed to make you feel better about humanity--just go out in public with your rental kid and suddenly everyone is your friend! It's amazing how much nicer strangers are to you when you have a baby in tow--Dashiell and I were hanging out at Starbucks yesterday (Side note: Yes, I know they're evil but given the choice between Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts I'm going to choose the place with better coffee and comfy chairs...) and EVERYONE smiled at us. One woman showed me pictures of her 13-month-old and introduced her as "Dashiell's future girlfriend". Another man told me that his daughter was bald as a cueball until she was 2 years old, then proceeded to make funny faces at Dashiell for about 20 minutes (which Dashiell LOVED). I've also noticed that more of our neighbors say hi when we're out for walks. I feel like I'm in Minnesota again!

On a separate note, I finally joined 2003 and am on Facebook! So anyone reading this who I haven't tried to add as a friend should try to add me as their friend! Wheeee!

I'm sure it'll be sometime around 2012 when I figure out what Twitter is...


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