Saturday, December 27, 2008

Slimiest Baby on the Block

Our trip to Minnesota was an adventure and a half. We had a great time once we got there, but boy did it take a while to get there! We flew out last Saturday, when it was snowing here (after already having snowed a good amount the day before), and it was snowing in Minnesota too. So first it took us an extra hour-and-a-half to get off the ground, then when we neared the Minneapolis airport we had to circle for about 40 minutes, during which time the airport was closed and reopened twice. Awesome. So we missed our connector to Bemidji, which was canceled anyway so missing it didn't make a difference, and we couldn't get on any other flights that night or the next day. We thought about driving the next day but the roads were still too icy so we ended up flying on Monday morning. So we had two days less in Bemidji than we planned, however we got to spend two days in the Minneapolis area, which worked out ok! Hung out with Lisa and Denise, met Denise's son Zac, and was able to see my aunt Diane and my godparents Marlene and Dale! And the other upshot was that Zac decided that he wanted to spend Christmas with my family in Bemidji after meeting us (I think Dashiell won him over) so we had a huge crew of people at my parents' house for the holidays! It was crowded and fun, like Christmas should be.

Dashiell had a great time meeting everyone. He loved all the kids (teenagers, really) and was fascinated with his grandpa Weber. And he did very well traveling, despite all of our setbacks. But I think he's pretty happy to be home. And he now has a cold, hence the title of this entry, "Slimiest Baby on the Block". He's teething so there's drool everywhere, plus the steady stream of yuck coming from his nose...bleh...still in good spirits, though! Slightly grumpy but still ready to smile and laugh if distracted. The bottom picture was taken tonight to illustrate the grossness.

I'm having issues placing the other photos so sorry if they're a bit random. One is my parents with all their grandkids (Dash, Craig and Abby), one is Dashiell getting comfy on Abby, and one is Dashiell with Zac.

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