Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe Dashiell is already 9 months old! How did that happen?? Seems like just last week I was freaking out about having to take care of Dash for a full 24 hour period by myself because Rick was going back to work. Ahh, memories...

Dashiell had his 9 month check-up this morning and all is well! He's now 19 lbs (25th percentile) and 29 1/4" long (80th percentile). Still a skinny noodle of a kid, but our pediatrician is fine with that. I even checked to make sure we're feeding him enough, and it seems like we are. So I guess our guy is just going to be slim! It makes sense, considering how active he is--seriously, Dashiell just never stops moving. And now that he's crawling, it means we're active too!

Dash seems to be hitting all of his developmental milestones right on or close to target, which is good. He doesn't point or wave yet, but the doctor said it might be too early for him to do either of those things. Soon enough he'll be pointing at everything, and waving at the furniture, I'm sure.

I'm going to try to post a little video, but I'm using a third-party web site for it so I'm not sure how this will work--if it doesn't I'll add it later when I get home. This is how we spend our days--playing on the living room floor, picking at random spots on the rug, crawling around. I try to narrate so he can eventually put words to his actions, but he's usually so intent on whatever it is that he's doing that he tunes me out. You can feel free to ignore my narration (please!). ;-)

Hope you all have a great weekend--we're supposed to get more snow...sigh...

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