Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a few pictures

Not much to update but I wanted to post a few recent photos! My dad (who is a nut for his old restored Studebaker) gave Dashiell a Studebaker romper for Christmas and I finally got around to taking a few photos of him wearing it. He'll be too big for it well before it's in season! I also included a picture from right before our recent sledding outing (before it got bitterly cold in the Northeast!). All you facebook friends have already seen these, sorry if they're old news to you.

As you can see Dashiell is pulling himself up on all of our furniture now, and can somehow even pull himself up using just the wall or other flat vertical surfaces. And he's tentatively "cruising" a little, too (creeping from one end of the ottoman to the other, then grabbing onto the couch and moving along that, too). He'll be walking sooner than we want him to, that's for sure!

Tomorrow he gets to meet a big doggie, which will be fun. He LOVES big dogs. I'd get him one but I already take care of one being whose poo I'm a little too familiar with--I don't need another at this time. Maybe in a few years...

Have a wonderful weekend--


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