Friday, January 23, 2009


Funniest thing EVER the other day: Dash was playing with one of his favorite toys, this musical mirror thing that he can stand at and pound on and try to climb. I look over at him and he's leaning in towards his reflection with that open-mouth, awkward-teenage-boy expression and he gives himself a kiss in the mirror! Did it about 4 times in a row, until I tried to get a picture of it on my phone, then of course he got distracted and only wanted to play with my phone. So here are my attempts at getting a bad-quality picture of my boy giving himself a little sugar! Who can blame him? He's very kissable!
We went to a really great kid gym called "Together in Motion" for a playdate on Wednesday. It was a big room with padded floors and big foam blocks and wheels and things for kids to push around and climb on and jump over. It was "open gym" so there were a bunch kids ranging from infant to about 5 or 6. Dashiell LOVED it! I set him on the floor and he was off and crawling into the middle of everything and every one! Of course all the big kids kept nearly running him over or pushing gigantic blocks on him. So I'm coming to realize that playdates are now actually about Dashiell playing and not just about me chatting with the other moms, since I have to keep my eye on this guy and run after him constantly! Ha! We will definitely be going back to this gym--it's the perfect place for our active, social kid!

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