Monday, March 9, 2009

The Project

I thought I'd make a compilation photo album for Dashiell's first birthday, sort of a best-of album of his pictures. I wanted to use Shutterfly and make one of those albums that have a couple of pictures printed per page and is bound together in a nice book--David (Rick's bro) uses those for portfolio books of his photos, and a couple of friends have used them for vacation books and such and they always turn out so lovely. I figured it'd be better than hodge-podge collection of photo albums we have now. However, I didn't realize how many of the pictures we have are "best of" pictures! Our kid is too cute! ;-) So far the pictures I've chosen for the album number about 200,(which is less than a third of the pictures we have) and I haven't added any of the professional shots we've had done in the past year. I was going to ask others to send me some of their favorite photos but now I just don't know--seems like the album is already going to be over 100 pages even after editing it down! I just don't know how I'm going to make this more manageable. There are too many pictures to love! So now I've got this huge Project to work on, which I'm sure will turn out great, even if we may never be able to afford to print it!

But since I've been perusing all of Dashiell's photos, I wanted to start sharing some of the oldies-but-goodies again. These all were taken at the hospital. The one with the red hat was taken by David and was a family favorite right off the bat.



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