Thursday, March 12, 2009

Old and new

Still going through all our old photos and came across this one, which was taken about 10 days after Dashiell was born:
Look at all that hair! He doesn't have nearly that much now!
So this photo album project is kind of fun now that I've uploaded all the images I want to use. It's super easy to do, plus it gives me an excuse to reminisce. In fact I'm also listening to the playlist we created for the delivery room (which we titled "Welcome Aquaman"--haha!). I actually listened to this quite a lot right after Dashiell was born, during all those midnight feedings and all the times I was feeling overwhelmed at having this new being to care for. And in hindsight, no wonder I had a bit of the baby blues! 90% of the songs are totally mopey and depressing--what were we thinking?? I think we overdid the mellow mood we were trying to create...
I'm attaching a couple more videos of Dashiell walking around that I thought were pretty funny. They're short videos I took on my phone to send to Rick while he was working. In the first one he's not wearing any pants because he spit up on them during dinner so I figured why bother putting new pants on him? Plus he looks cute in his sweater and diaper. :-) I just like how he feels the need to get as close to the lens as possible in both videos...


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