Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monkey hear, monkey do

Thought I'd make a quick post today since I haven't done so in weeks and I know you're all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what Dashiell's up to these day. ;) Don't have much time but I wanted to relay an incident that happened this weekend that was pretty funny. Dashiell's been imitating sounds a lot lately, to the point of almost saying words (saying "nanana" after I say "banana", or "buh" after we say "boo", etc.). So this weekend we were doing some work in our bathroom, and I was leaning over the tub trying to get it more clean (which is near hopeless, btw). Rick, on seeing me lean over, cat-call whistles at me. Dashiell hears this and repeats back "woo-woo" with the same inflection Rick used for his whistle. Hahahaha!! It was too funny, really. Gave me a good excuse to stop cleaning for a few minutes. :)

Today's picture selections are first, a picture of Dashiell in his car seat facing forward for the first time! We were very excited to turn the car seat around so we could see him better and so he could finally see where we're going, not just where we've been. It was a big day. Second we have a couple of pictures from last weekend, when Dashiell had a shock of hair that just would not stay down. Granted, we didn't try that hard to get it to lay flat since we figure it's pretty exciting that he has enough hair to stand up like that, after being bald for most of the year. Plus, it was dang cute.

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Lori said...

Such cute pictures of your handsome boy! Lori & Rachel:) (Resolve BB)