Thursday, April 9, 2009

One-year Doctor's Appointment

Dashiell and I eating strawberries

Our boy did very well at his doctor's appointment today! He's becoming much less noodly these days--at nearly 23 lbs he's now in the 45 percentile for weight! Dr. Dave was very pleased with this. He's now 30" tall, which is somewhere in the mid-range of percentiles as well (already I can't remember the exact percentile, and of course I didn't write it down--I think it was around 55%). So he went from being super long and skinny to being right around average. Average is good when it comes to heights and weights.

Dashiell felt the need to show off for Dr. Dave and was walking around the exam room, flipping through books, saying "dadadada" and "nananana" (he omitted "mamamama", unfortunately), and grabbing onto Dr. Dave's leg while smiling widely at him, to which Dr. Dave remarked "no stranger anxiety in this one, eh?". Nope! In fact Dashiell gets more upset when strangers leave than when they first show up. We have a *very* social child.

D got a couple of shots, which made him so sad. Actually more angry than sad--there were a lot of tears and a lot of yelling. Glad that was at the end of the appointment!

In other news, I took Dashiell to his first casting call yesterday. It was for a diaper/training pants ad. I went in knowing that Dashiell probably wouldn't get a call back since they stressed "ethnic" children in the call for talent and while Dashiell may be a smattering of many different nationalities, all of them happen to be white. So we went for the experience more than anything, just to see what a casting call is like. Well, it was kind of awful. For one thing the call was for any child under 100 lbs (what a 99 lb kid is doing in any sort of diaper product I just don't know...), so it was HUGE. There were soooo many people there! We showed up for the 12:30 time slot, but the way that it worked was that as soon as you showed up you filled out a form that had a big number on it, and that was your place in line. When we got there they were on #95. We were #131. Ugh. Thankfully the auditions moved pretty fast (they took a couple of photos), so we were only there for an hour before we got called in ("only" an hour?!). The woman taking the photos really didn't seem to understand the toddler set, as she insisted that Dashiell be seated and still for his photo. Really? Your fancy camera can't take a picture of a moving child? So you only want comatose children for this ad? It was kind of annoying. Thankfully I somehow got Dashiell seated and smiling and mostly still, but I'm not sure how I did it! Especially since it was already 1:30, which is nap time! Anyway, we survived the experience, and are much wiser for it. From now on I have to ask how big the casting call is going to be--I think if it was only babies and/or toddlers, it might be easier to handle. Regardless, I think I'll give this casting call thing one more chance, and if the experience is the same the next time we're giving modeling a rest. It's too stressful for both Dashiell and me.

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