Thursday, July 23, 2009

More words!

The other night when I was posting about Dashiell's ever-growing vocabulary I knew there were words I was missing, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what they were! So here are a few additions to the list! "Baby" (bee-bee)--he says that any time he sees a picture of a baby, a baby in person, a picture of's super cute. "Hat", which is always accompanied by his hand touching the top of his head. I've heard him say "da" a few times when we see dogs, though he sometimes says "woof" instead. This one I'm a little ashamed to admit--"TV". We don't watch a ton of tv with Dashiell but when we do it holds him captive. Especially Wheel of Fortune, which we figure is ok to watch since it's all about letters, right? ;) Dashiell will yell out various letters during the show (he's partial to "D" and "T"), and loves the bonus round at the end.

Huh, maybe I should erase that whole WoF section...not only am I admitting that we let Dashiell watch it, but I'm admitting that we watch it too! I mean if it was Jeopardy that'd be one thing but the Wheel? Totally not cool!

Yesterday we were looking through photo albums and I was pointing out people in them, and of course he got daddy (da-DEE), but also said mommy (ma-MEE). Then he said "Lee-la" when I pointed out aunt Lisa, and "Dee-dee" for Lisa's girlfriend Denise. He was having a hard time saying "grandma" and was saying "ba-ba" instead, but hey it's a start!

This video is not the greatest but it was my attempt to record him saying "lisa"--you can barely hear him say it but really, he does!

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