Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Those were the days

Doing a little reminiscing this morning and looking through old photos of Dash. I'm just amazed at how much he's changed! So I thought I'd share some of the photos that I don't think ever made it to the blog way back in the day...

This is what people mean when they say "sleeps like a baby" (Lord knows it has nothing to do with sleeping at night!). He could sleep like a rock, as long as he had a comfy lap to rest on. Of course as soon as I would try to move him to his bassinet, he'd wake up within seconds. He was about 4 months old at this point.
Here he is in his high chair, also around 4 months. He looks so small in it! Note the foot on the table--he still loves doing that! Also note the swing in the background--he barely tolerated it. Once he could sit in the highchair (or bumbo), the swing moved up to the attic. And to think we registered for 2 of them! Thankfully we were able to return one but still, everyone said it would be a lifesaver and we were sorely disappointed that Dash didn't love his.

This was when he was around 7 months old. He just looks so comfortable snoozing away on Rick's shoulder. This was part of our bedtime ritual--I'd nurse Dashiell, Rick would hold him upright for 20 minutes to give his little belly time to digest. Dash was big on spitting up. :)
And here he is about a week and a half ago, looking a little sleepy and surly and drooly. :) That's my big guy!

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Lori said...

Sweet! Love seeing some older pictures of your handsome little guy:)...I have been with you since Dash was born as it was just two weeks after Rachel and feel as though I have watched him grow up here and on Resolve BB. Such a cutie:)Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yes, thanks to your video of Dash finding his "Pajama Time" book, we now have one. I LOVE that book. Not sure how I missed it the first time around...enjoy your week...Lori & Rachel...