Thursday, August 6, 2009

Handsome Boy Modeling School

I took this picture of Dashiell yesterday shortly after we woke up. He felt the need to wear his fuzzy shoes that morning, and also wanted to put on his hat (yes he is still in his pj's). As he was playing on the kitchen floor he struck this pose that I was lucky enough to catch with the camera on my phone. Sent it to Rick and he asked me "what is this, an ad for the Handsome Boy Modeling School?" Ha!

Sorry it's so out of focus but I thought you'd all enjoy it anyway!
In other word-related news, Dashiell clearly said "peek-a-boo" yesterday after hearing it in a song (it was very slow and deliberate--"peek....ah....booo"). It was very cute.

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Lori said...

He definitely is! A handsome boy, that is:)...cute pic...Lori & Rachel (resolve bb)...