Friday, August 28, 2009

Vocabulary explosion!

Dashiell has been so vocal lately, it's kind of crazy! He's starting to repeat more of the things we say, and he even used a two-word sentence the other day ("close door", when I was about to tell him yet again to close the door of storage closet we haven't babyproofed yet)! Very exciting. I know everyone says that soon enough I'll want him to stop talking because he'll just babble on and on and on, but for now it's just fun to hear him. Of course most of the words are things only Rick and I can understand, and some words sound absolutely nothing like what the real word is ("lo-lu" is somehow water, as in a glass of water, and his new favorite word is "broccoli", though it sounds more like "cock-deedle-de"--we only know it's broccoli because he'll repeat it ad nauseam when he's eating broccoli). But hey, he's speaking and that's what matters!

And all those ABC books he loves for us to read to him are paying off, too. We were coloring (i.e. scribbling) yesterday, and I started writing letters on the paper and asking what they were. He got A and B right away! Most of the other letters needed some prompting, but I figure it's a start. Following that I had to sing the ABC's about 20 times. Sometimes I wonder why I ever taught him the sign for "more". ;)

Side note, the previous post is a photo album that I made for my mom of our Minnesota vacation. I figured it was much easier than posting each individual picture.

And on a second side note, I wanted to plug a product that we found SO helpful on our travels (no I'm not getting paid for this, but it's such a good thing that I wanted to share it with any other parents of small children who read this)--the gogo Kidz Travelmate: . It's essentially a luggage roller that you can attach your car seat to, and it was a lifesaver in the airport! We could either keep Dashiell in the car seat and roll him around in it (like a stroller), which was great when he was sleeping in the car seat after the last leg of our flight into Boston, or we could let Dashiell walk (burning off pent-up energy from being stuck in a car seat for the length of a flight) and hang our carry-ons on it. We debated buying it for months because it is not cheap, but are now so glad we bit the bullet and bought it. The company also sells refurbished versions of travelmate that are slightly less expensive, though I think they're currently out of stock. Anyone in the Boston area who wants to borrow ours for upcoming trips should contact us--we'd definitely share it.

Have a great weekend!

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