Thursday, September 3, 2009


Dashiell and I went to our first "Itsy Bitsy Yoga" class yesterday! It was so much fun, and I'm happy to report that the other moms in the class seem very down-to-earth and not at all competitive (you know, that competition between moms--"mompetition", can I coin that phrase?--that's so very annoying...there was not a single "my kid's sooo advanced" comment nor were there any designer sweat pants in sight!). Dashiell spent most of the class running around, trying to make friends or hide in cubby holes, but every so often he'd try out a pose. In addition to yoga, there was "parachute" time (which D totally dug), and bubbles (also a big hit). The bubbles were nice since that was "downtime" for the moms--we got to lie on the floor breathing deeply and relaxing while the kids clamored to pop the bubbles.

There was a little boy in the class (we'll call him "F") who was part of the toddler preschool/daycare program who was so shy and so hesitant to join in the yoga class, and from what I gather does not make friends easily. Dashiell was determined to befriend him! He went up to him before class and tried to give him a hug, which F wasn't too keen on. The preschool teacher asked him if he was making a new friend, and F replied "no, not yet", nearly in tears. Halfway through the class Dashiell went up to him again to play with him, and in the course of playing offered him a teddy bear. Suddenly they were best friends! The teacher asked F if he liked playing with his new friend Dashiell, and F said "Yeah!". At the end of the class the teacher asked him if he was looking forward to playing with Dashiell again next week, and once again he gave a resounding "yeah!", while jumping around and looking so happy! The teacher told me she couldn't believe that F was able to bond with Dashiell is such a short period of time--I guess this was unheard of with this little boy! It was really sweet, and I'm so glad my little guy was able to break through to him. Let's hope F remembers this next week and they continue to be friends!

I wasn't able to get any pictures during class this week, but I'll try to get one before class next week so I can post it (probably not with F, though--after all, I don't know his parents and I'm sure they wouldn't be happy stumbling upon a picture of their child on some stranger's blog!).

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Lori said...

Awww, your story of Dash befriending litle "F" brought tears to my eyes. How sweet and how proud you must be:).Sounds like a great class for you two to go to! I love taking Rachel to her two Gymboree Classes. I have seen great things there too with sharing, hugging, playing etc...We noticed she is a bit of an observer then warms up and joins in with the other kiddos, but she warms up right away with the adults! Dash sounds delightful...I love your comment on my recent post...they would definitely get along! We met a little boy last week for the first time...only one month older than R and they got along really well. They were dancing and she's received a few hugs:) glad they offer these kind of things especially as we only have one child...hugs...Lori...(hope to see some pics soon:))