Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cape Cod Weekend

We just got back from a lovey weekend on the Cape--thank you Sue and Tony for letting us use your house! We drove down on Friday night, knowing that we would have to lift a sleeping Dashiell out of the car when we arrived. The traffic to the Cape is still pretty heavy since there is work being done on the Sagamore bridge--even at the late hour we got there we still had a 2 mile back-up that seemed to move at a snail's pace.

Dash didn't sleep particularly well that night--we made sure that he woke up enough to familiarize himself with the room he was staying in before going to bed, but he still freaked out a bit at around midnight and cried and cried. My poor guy! And seriously, we didn't really know what to do since D is usually such a good sleeper! It's been ages since he's woken up in the night crying! So we went in to comfort him, laid down with him awhile, put a book in his crib with him, and debated whether or not one of us should sleep in one of the beds in the room. Then we bit the bullet and said good night to him, left the room, and he cried for about 15 seconds before quieting down and going back to sleep. Whew! After that he had no more trouble sleeping.

We had a fun day on Saturday, which was a lovely sunny fall day. We went down to the beach after breakfast and played in the cool sand for an hour or so, then went back to the house for lunch and a nap (which meant a nap for me, too!). After the nap we drove down to Provincetown and wandered aimlessly, stopping in various stores and walking down to the beach there as well. Dashiell didn't like the fact that he couldn't play in the water (too cold, no change of clothes or towels), but he got over it. We saw many dogs in P-town, which was of course very exciting. After P-town we drove up to Wellfleet and had dinner, and I have to say that Dashiell did so much better at the restaurant than I thought he'd do! I kept trying to formulate our "melt-down" plan, which I never did come up with because we didn't need it! He was so fascinated with everyone in the restaurant that he kept himself entertained trying to see people. Thank heavens!
Sunday was mostly a repack and travel day, which was fine since it was rainy and dreary. Once we got home we headed over the the Hanson's to see Elizabeth, who was here to work at a trade show. It was good to see her again, and Dashiell had a great time playing with her. She was still in town yesterday, so Dash and I were able to see her again last night.

Now we're all still exhausted, but recovering. :) What's in store for next weekend? Only time will tell!

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Lori said...

Great photo, Suzi! You should see how excited Rachel gets when she sees pictures of Dash! She points and points and exclaims about him:)...Lori & Rachel...