Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last day of Itsy-bitsy Yoga and a trip to the apple orchard!

Yesterday Dashiell and I had our last itsy-bitsy yoga class of the session. The next session doesn't start until January, which seems so far away! But with the holiday season approaching, I'm sure be glad to have fewer commitments during the day.

I tried to get a video of Dash doing some poses before class, with mixed results. The first pose is "toes to nose" (not sure what the real pose is called, but toes to nose is very descriptive). Then we have star pose, which in "real" yoga is a non-moving pose but for itsy-bitsy yoga we rock back and forth. Then the video gets shaky (sorry) while I try to get him to do downward dog--he does it for about a second, mostly off-camera, then runs around a while, then does a really good squat!
(see the video in the next post--sorry for some reason embedding it here didn't work this time!)

Later that day he did a great downward dog for me at home!

On Sunday we went apple picking with our friends Shawn, Michele and Sophie. Dashiell has a strange relationship with apples. He loves the word, and points out every apple he sees with glee. If you give him an apple to eat he gets ecstatic. He loves holding the apple, he loves that he gets to eat it, and he'll run around the house happily carrying it with him, saying "apple! apple! apple!". But he will spit out ever bite he takes! And by spit out I mean he'll take a little bite, move it around on his tongue, take it out of his mouth, and hand it to me. Then repeat the process about 10 times before getting bored.
He also point to most other roundish fruit and calls them apples too. Like this little pumpkin (and all the other pumpkins around him):
Here he is with Daddy, helping pick out the tastiest apple he could find!

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