Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This morning I decided to wear an old locket that belonged to my mom. On one side of the locket is a picture of my sisters playing on a beach, circa 1975. On the other side is the above picture of me from right around the same time. Dashiell was fascinated by the locket--it's a big piece of jewelry, and very ornate on the outside--so I decided to open it up for him to show him the pictures. I pointed to the photo of me and asked him, "do you know who this is?". He answered, "Dashiell!" "No no," I said, "that's not Dashiell, that's mommy!" Then I took a closer look at the picture and holy Hanna it does look like Dashiell! Put 2-year-old me in a cotton t-shirt and we'd be twins!
So I guess this answers the question "who does Dashiell resemble most," at least for the time being. As a young baby he looked more like Rick, I think, but with a Weber-shaped head.
I suspect the resemblances will bounce between Rick and I for the rest of Dashiell's life--I'm sure sometime in the near future he'll start looking more like his dad again! But I have to say I'm secretly pleased that my kiddo looks so much like me right now. :)

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