Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rough Week for Little D

Actually it was a rough week plus a couple of days...it all started the Friday before last, when our young lad was home with his dad for the morning, innocently playing in the living room when--whoops! He tripped! But he didn't just trip, he tripped and put his head through the glass door of the entertainment center! I am soooo thankful for safety glass, let me tell you! He ended up being fine, just a few small scratches, no loss of consciousness or major cuts or anything serious, but from what Rick tells me he was beside himself! Mad that he bumped his head, mad that the door broke, mad that there was little pieces of glass everywhere...poor guy! And poor Rick! I am personally thankful I wasn't around for it--I probably would have been crying right along with Dashiell!

Then there was a break in the action. Nothing major happened until Thursday night, when at about 12:30 am I hear Dashiell wake up and start screaming! I'm thinking he's probably just had a bad dream, so I go into his room to comfort him. No bad dream, he threw up. Ewwww. So I clean him up, change his sheets, read him a story, put him back to sleep, and start a load of laundry. 45 minutes later he's screaming again, I go into his room and yup, he's thrown up again. This goes on until about 3:30 am, every 45 minutes or so. After the 3rd time he's thrown up I call Rick, who was working an overnight shift in Boston, and request that he come home since I have no idea how many more times I'm going to have to comfort and clean up our little guy. Thankfully right after Rick comes home Dashiell goes back to sleep until about 8 am. He's fine all day long, no more throwing up, and he even eats a fairly normal lunch and dinner.

Our next incident occurs on Saturday. Dashiell and I are hanging out in the back yard after going to the gym, running around and having a good time. I suggest to him that we go for a walk around the block, so he starts to run at me and--whoops again! Trips. On the sidewalk. Landing on his face. As you can see from the pictures I've included here, he scraped himself up pretty well. The brunt of the damage was to his nose--I didn't even notice the scrapes on his head until well after he stopped crying. But once again, poor guy! He was so upset, and I felt so bad for him! We spent the rest of the morning reading on the couch and laying low. And after a good nap, he felt right as rain.

Then comes Saturday night/Sunday morning. 2:45 am, he throws up AGAIN. But he goes right back to sleep after we clean him up, so we're hoping it's a fluke. Oh no, he spend the whole day throwing up. Turns out the virus that got him on Thursday night wasn't actually out of his system, it was just taking a 2-day vacation. I ended up bringing him to the pediatrician yesterday, who declared him otherwise healthy but needing to get that virus through his system. It could still be another day or two before it's completely gone, although he hasn't thrown up again since Sunday night. We spent most of yesterday doing very little, though we did walk down to the park where he once again tripped and this time scraped up the back of his hand. Sigh. I guess we need to stock up on band-aids this spring...


Lea said...

Poor Dash! That is one awful week! I hope it gets better for you!

Meghan Moore said...

Wrap him up in band-aids! Poor guy!

I'm so thankful that the glass on the entertainment center was safety glass. (Remind me sometime to tell you how Brian's cousin was responsible for that.)

I hope you've caught up on your sleep from all the early-morning cleanup.