Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello? Hello?!

Here's why I love this video:  First, it really seems like Dashiell is trying to listen to whoever he's "talking" to.  Second, he walks around when he talks on the phone, just like mommy!

On an unrelated note, we had Dashiell's 2 year well-visit this morning, and our guy is a champ!  He's currently 32.8 lbs, which is in the 85th percentile, and 37 1/2" tall, which is in the--wait for it--100th percentile!  As Dr. Dave put it, he's taller than all of his friends!  Or at least all the friends who are the same age as he is.  And he's now a little more than half Rick's height. 

He didn't have any shots today, but he did have to get blood taken for his lead test, and he was soooo brave!  Didn't cry one bit--not even when the nurse pricked his finger--and only pulled his hand back once when she was squeezing his finger.  I think he was so excited by the squirrel sticker she gave him that he forgot to put up a fuss!

We also discovered that Dashiell has a little ear infection.  His first!  But I kid you not, he showed absolutely no obvious signs of having the infection.  He had a cold a few weeks ago and has had a runny nose ever since, which I was assuming was seasonal allergies since I've been suffering through allergies myself the past couple of weeks.  Turns out that the runny nose might be part of the ear infection thing, though if it continues past the 10 days of antibiotics we can try a low dose of claritin or zyrtec (I'm assuming there's a kid's version?  Haven't checked on that yet).  I'm hoping it just clears up with the antibiotics, because claritin makes me hyper and shakey and kind of crazy, so I can only imagine what it might do to my kiddo!

That's all the news here!  Hope you enjoy the video!

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