Friday, April 9, 2010

Imagination Overload!


Rick and I were just talking last night about how it seems like Dashiell's imagination has totally blossomed recently.  He's been so into "pretend" play lately, and it's really fun to see what he comes up with!  Last night he decided our dining room was a cave and kept bringing me into the cave with him--he'd grab my hand and say "mommy walk!" (the repeat "walk" over and over and over...), then I'd ask "where are we going", and he'd pause, and say "um...cave!".  Then he'd point his finger around the room and say "flashlight", as if he was waving a flashlight around so he could see better. 

This morning when he was playing with his Little People I could have sworn the L.P. were talking about going to the zoo.  I hear it's one of their favorite things to do. :)  And of course he loves making and eating pretend food, which he often shares with Rick and me.  Yesterday morning he was "fixing" our broken entertainment center door.  And he loves making tunnels in the living room out of pillows, and making his animals (usually his kitty or Yertle the Turtle), go through the tunnel.  He's just so fun to play with now!

Driving around with Yertle again

My little designer

I've also noticed over the past month or so that Dashiell understands sequential order much better now.  Before, if I told him that we were going to eat breakfast, get dressed, and go to the library, he'd get upset that we weren't going to the library first.  Now if I tell him the same thing, he gets it!  We'll eat breakfast, then he'll ask me "get dressed, go to library?".  Or if I tell him we can go back outside to see the flowers after his nap, when he gets up from his nap he'll say "go see flower?"  Which is great, since I can now tell him what our day is going to look like and not worry as much about D throwing a fit because we're not doing whatever fun thing we have planned NOW.  The downside is that sometimes we run out of time to do everything we have planned (with a toddler?  No way!), and it makes Dashiell sad when we can't do all of our fun things.

It's just amazing what a little person he's becoming now, and how much he understand of the world around him.  It's pretty cool.

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