Friday, May 14, 2010

Grandma and Auntie Lisa!

 Auntie Lisa with Dashiell, days after he was born

My mom ("Grandma") and one of my sisters ("Auntie Lisa") are going to be visiting us next week, so in honor of their visit I thought I'd post a few "oldie" photos of the two of them with Mr. D.  He loves his Grandma and Auntie Lisa, and every time I tell them they will be visiting he gets all excited.  But I have to admit that I'm sad that he doesn't know them as well as he knows Rick's side of the family.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that he's got a close relationship to his Nana and Grandpa Hanson, and Nina and Papa Jack (his great-grandparents), and everyone on the Hanson/Callahan side, and we are blessed to live so close to them, I just wish he could have that same kind of relationship with my side of the family!  I've been assured that when he gets older he'll view his relationship with my parents and sisters as special because he only gets to see them occasionally, but for now it still makes me a little sad.

Happy guy with his happy Grandma

But, he definitely is getting to know them better, and this visit will help.  So far we have nothing on our agenda for the visit, though if the weather is nice we might head down to the Cape for a day or two.  Or maybe I can convince them that we all should go to the Children's Museum in Boston to check out the Curious George exhibit...though I'm pretty sure that won't be high on their list of fun Boston activities to do...

Auntie Lisa and Dashiell sharing a drink on the porch

I'm guessing that mostly we'll be hanging out in the back yard (assuming the weather gods are nice to us), playing with Dashiell and enjoying each others' company!  I can't wait to see them!

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Rachel's Mommy said...

Love seeing the pics of Dashiell when he was younger. So sweet. It is hard with family so far away. All of ours on both sides are far away. :( Rachel has two little plastic photo albums, one for each side of the family of just grandparents and our siblings, and she loves to look at the pics and we tell her who everyone is:)...have a great weekend, Lori