Monday, May 10, 2010

Sick kiddo

For mother's day this year I got a sick kid.  Not the greatest present, but a good reminder of all it takes to be a mom.  Ya take the good, ya take the bad...

We went to the doctor this morning, and my little guy has croup.  Barking cough, plus rattley breathing, so he got a nubulizer treatment and a steroid shot.  He did surprisingly well during the nebulizer treatment!  The shot, not as well.  But who likes getting shots??  Anyway, he seems much better, less rattley, not coughing as much, though he is still pretty low-energy and a bit cranky.  My poor guy!  So today we're taking it easy and hanging on the couch watching the Muppet Show.

This picture, however, is from last night.  Rick fell asleep while Dash cuddled on him.  Super cute.

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Rachel's Mommy said...

Aw...feel better soon, Dashiell! It's no fun being sick...sweet picture though:)...Lori