Saturday, May 8, 2010

"I Love Letters!" what Dashiell proclaimed from the changing table this morning.  And I believe him!  It's an obsession, in fact.  He feels the need to name every letter he sees.  EVERY letter he sees.  All the time.  Which is great, yes, but now he's got me making letters for him out of other things, mainly blocks.  At playgroup on Monday we were playing with these big cardboard Melissa and Doug blocks, making our letters, doing our thing, and one little boy just kept knocking down every letter we built.  Which was VERY upsetting.  Dashiell usually loves to knock down blocks, but not when they're forming his beloved letters!

At home we make letters out of Legos.  Lots and lots of letters out of Legos. His favorite letters?  THX.  Like the letters you see at the beginning of DVDs with the sound check noise ("The audience is listening").  What's funny is that Dashiell HATES that part of a DVD.  Anytime it comes on he screams and cries until it's over.  So I tried to make it more enjoyable by pointing out the great letters.  Now he loves the letters, but still hates the noise.  Ah well, I tried! :)

Here are a couple pictures of D engaged in another favorite activity, "reading":

He often recites the books as he flips through the pages, so to anyone who did not know how often we read each of these books and how well he has them memorized, it would appear as if he's actually reading!  Good parlor trick!

Let's hope we can continue to foster this love of letters and reading for the rest of his life!  Even if it means endlessly building Lego letters!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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