Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catch up

I feel like I'm just so far behind on my blogging...yay for being busy at work and at home but seriously, I have pictures from weeks ago that I still haven't posted!

Ah well, I'll try to catch up a little now with a quick review of what's been going on the past few weeks, in picture form.  If I have a chance later I might blog again specifically about some fun things that happened this week...we'll see how it works out!

So this first picture (taken about a month ago) is what happens when I ask Dashiell to make a silly face.  The biggest, craziest grin you can imagine!  I thought it was funny that he was eating his breakfast with his foot resting on the table.  I've since tried to lay down a "no feet on the table" law, but with very little luck.  The fact that I laughed and took pictures the first time it happened set the stage...

These next two pictures were taken the day before Memorial Day at the grandparents' house.  First we have Rick spinning Dashiell around in circles, which is an activity Nana hates!  But Dash loves it!  He was also digging the new wading pool...

On Memorial Day, Dash and I headed back to the grandparents' for a parade, which happens to pass right in front of their house!  It's amazing we got there on time since I could have sworn that the parade started at 10:30, not 10:00!  Ha!  But thankfully we made it, since Dashiell was transfixed on this parade!  He sat in his little chair and watched the whole thing, barely moving.  And as you can see, there was plenty of candy thrown to our guy--mostly stuff he couldn't eat, but he did enjoy his lollipop!

Last week we had dinner over at my friend Meghan's house, and her son Crispin decided that Dashiell needed to eat some raisins.  I'm surprised that Dash actually let him put raisins in his mouth--any time we "feed" him something we get an automatic "no!"  Of course, it's different when a friend is offering the food, isn't it?  Sorry the picture is so blurry but that's what you get when you try to photograph two active 2-year-olds!

We've actually had some eating break-throughs lately that I'm kind of excited about...Dashiell has been trying things he normally doesn't try, which makes me so happy!  Rice, for example!  Every time we eat rice we of course put some on his plate, and every time without fail he just refuses it without trying it.  We haven't made a big deal out of it and just keep offering it, in the hopes that someday some of it will make it into his mouth. And it doesn't matter what kind of rice (white, brown, pilaf, fried, beans and rice, etc), he just doesn't even try it.  Until last week, when he had a couple of bites of pilaf and actually seemed to like it!  Victory!  He also ate mashed potatoes, which he formally hated the texture of.  *And* he tried a bite of asparagus and said "mmm!".  Though honestly, I think the "mmm" was said to appease me, since he then promptly gulped down a bunch of milk and didn't try any more, but still, it was nice that he tried it!  He's also been eating a greater variety of meat, too--for a while I thought my years of being a vegetarian somehow got passed down to my child, which would be fine if I were still a vegetarian. :)

Alright this post is getting out-of-control long, so I'll have to continue with it later.  Hope you've enjoyed the update!

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Lea said...

We have feet on the table issues as well. The kids use their feet to shove the table into each other. Fun times.

Dash is just great! He is so long and tall! You guys are having so much fun!