Thursday, June 10, 2010

This week

I think I might have time to do another post before I go home, so here it goes!  We've been doing some fun stuff this week so I thought I'd keep the blog momentum rolling.

On Monday Dash and I went to a Pony Party sponsored by the playgroup we frequent (Chelmsford Community Playroom) for their end-of-the-year party.  It was held at Jones Farm in Chelmsford, which is a cute little farm/nursery/farmstand/cafe that I never knew existed!  So I personally am excited to find a new cafe, and a place to buy super-fresh veggies and maybe a plant or two.

The pony ride was met with mixed success.  Waiting in line before the pony ride was kind of a disaster--Dashiell wanted to get on the pony NOW and couldn't understand why he had to wait.  His only-child, no daycare status was shining through!  Or it could just have been that he's a 2-year-old.  So, yeah, there were tears and many attempts to pull me over to the pony and all of that.  Finally he got on the pony:
Even in this photo you can see that he's looking more apprehensive than excited.  I just don't think he knew what to expect.  Pony rides are definitely out of his realm of experience.  But he did well for a couple of laps around the parking lot.

Then without warning he started crying again.  I tried to get him to calm down by petting the pony's mane, but with no luck.  The ride was over!

After that we went back into the cafe to have a snack, plant a flower, and play in the sandbox.  D kept getting worked up over nothing (once again, not terribly surprising since he's 2), so finally we just had to leave.  He did have fun, really, but he also had a hard time sharing the toys and being someplace new with so many people.  When we got home, he took a serious 3-1/2 hour nap.  So, yeah, the pony party might have worn him out a bit!

Yesterday we went to the Stone Zoo, which was really fun!  We bought a family membership (actually family *plus* membership, so we can bring friends or grandparents with us whenever we want!), so we plan on going back to the zoo a bazillion times this year.  Dash loved seeing the animals--he was very impressed with the reindeer, the bats, and the flamingos.  However I'd have to say his favorite part of the zoo was the big fans in the enclosure behind the flamingos.  That and a set of steps near one of the big cats (I thought it was a leopard, but Dashiell informed me that it was a jaguar later that day when he got up from his nap--"jaguar sleeping!").  Grandpa Hanson was able to join us for our zoo visit, which was good on many levels--more fun for all of us, plus he manned the stroller that we ended up not needing. :)

I didn't get a single photo of Dash at the zoo--he was too busy running around to hold still for a photo.

Another fun thing that happened yesterday is that Dashiell officially made his first friend on his own!  Yes he has other friends, but they are all friends who are the kids of Rick and my friends.  He sees plenty of kids at playgroup or at the park, but none of those kids have "clicked" and moved to the friend category yet.  But yesterday I dropped him off at the daycare at my gym, and there was a little boy there (Evan) who Dashiell had met a few times before.  The babysitter mentioned that Evan was just talking about Dashiell before we arrived, and he seemed so excited to see him that afternoon!  They were playing together the whole time I was working out, and when I came to pick Dashiell up he and Evan were sharing a snack.  As I was putting D's coat on him he pointed to Evan and told me "This is Evan!" and was so excited about introducing me to his new friend!  It was totally the cutest thing ever!!

Alright, I think I'm pretty much caught up on my blogging!  Have a good weekend everyone!

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