Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who the heck is this kid?


That's how I feel looking at this picture.  Where's Dashiell?  When did he get replaced by this kid, who is obviously much older than my little guy!  I doesn't help that he just had his hair cut short, and he's doing a "cheese" smile for me (without me asking him to!), which isn't his normal smile--though cute nonetheless.

Time is passing too quickly.  Everyone warns you about that, but when you're in the midst of trying to raise your child you don't see it day-to-day, it just creeps up on you and suddenly you're looking at a picture of your little guy wondering how he got to be so big!


Lori/Rachel's Mommy said...

SO true, Suzi! I just said to Rachel the other day, "When did you get so tall?!" She just laughed. This is such a cute picture. Love that smile:). Lori

Smith said...

I totlly see Rick in him in this picture. Cool.

Smith said...

Hmm, why am I "Smith" when I comment here? I'll have to figure that one out. Also, I promise, I spell better than my typing shows ;)