Friday, July 2, 2010

Who's the best boy in the world?

Nana Hanson has been singing this song to Dashiell since he was a wee baby, and lately he's been singing it back!  The words, in case you can't understand them, are "Who's the best boy in the world?  His name is Dashiell Weber Hanson!  Woo!"  But listen closely to the "Hanson"...yup, he slips in "handsome" instead!  Can you tell we dote on him just a bit? ;-)  It probably didn't help that he just got his hair cut yesterday and we were telling him how handsome he looked for 24 hours straight...

On a separate note, Dashiell's friend Evan is back at the gym again.  He hadn't been there for a couple of weeks since his mommy twisted her ankle, but Dashiell finally got to see him again on Wednesday!  When I picked D up from the gym daycare that evening Dash and Evan were sitting shoulder to shoulder at the snack table again, and according to the babysitter they had been that way for about 15 minutes, eating their respective snacks.  Every so often they'd look at one another and say "Hi Dashiell!"  "Hi Evan!".  I so wish I could have seen that!  When we left Evan gave Dashiell a big hug and they both had huge grins on their faces!  I'm so glad Evan is back--it gives me more motivation to hit the gym, knowing that Dashiell's going to have a fun time, too!  At some point I should probably figure out who Evan's mom is and introduce myself--maybe we could schedule an actual play date!

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