Friday, September 10, 2010

Final Minnesota post - odds and ends

Just a few more random photos from our trip!  

Dash seemed to like this little bench in my mom's garden.  I think he's communing with the cherub. 

He spent almost all of his time on the deck.  This is one of the few times he sat still while out there--mostly he liked opening the door to get inside or out, and going down the stairs to the patio and lawn below.

Unfortunately all this "outside" time led to many mosquito bites.  There's a reason Minnesota claims mosquitoes are their state bird--the mosquitoes in MN are fierce and plentiful!  The group of bites on the right leg all showed up after about 5 minutes of being outside.  There are a number of bites on the left leg too that he got playing near the trampoline at aunt Terri's house a couple days before.  Plus the bites on his face...poor kiddo!  The mosquitoes like him too much!

Finally, a cute posed picture of Dashiell and Grandma!  Unfortunately the picture was taken with my phone, which means it's fuzzy and poorly lit.  Ah well, they both look great it in anyway!

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