Friday, September 17, 2010


The beginning of the school year means the start of a new session of the Chelmsford Community Playroom!  Yes, we've missed our little play group over the summer.  On Monday morning when I told Dashiell we were going to play group, he screamed "Yay!!" at the top of his lungs and ran upstairs to take a bath before we left (which was part of the conditions of going to play group--we were going after his bath).  To say he was excited would be a gross understatement--he was beside-himself ecstatic!  He loves play group--lots of kids and toys to play with--what could be better?  And I love it because it's a time to socialize with other moms while our kids play in a safe, enclosed environment.  I also love that it gives Dashiell a chance to work on his social skills, since he usually spends most of his time with just Rick or me.

I've noticed lately (before CCP started up again) that Dashiell seems to have turned that social development corner where he really wants to play with other kids, as opposed to just playing next to them.  He's always liked playing around other kids, but now he wants to be a part of the action!  When we're at the park and he sees other children playing games, he wants to get right in there and play the game too, even though he usually has no clue how the game is played.  Most of the kids will welcome Dash in and if there's a group of them usually one will befriend him and direct him on what to do.  It's really fun to watch, and I love these older kids for being so welcoming (big pat on the back to all those kids' parents--you've raised awesome kids!).  I keep waiting for one of them to get frustrated with this two-year-old getting in the way of his or her fun, but so far he's been pretty well received!  I think the kids just like the fact that he'll laugh at their antics and go along with pretty much anything.  All he really wants to do is run and laugh, it doesn't matter who is running and laughing with him.

This picture was taken at the mall play area last week one semi-rainy afternoon.  He had been running around with a couple of kids, but stopped when he decided he needed to climb on this dog head thing.  I was trying to find an appropriate picture of Dashiell playing with other kids, but decided I probably should not post picture of strangers' kids on my blog...

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