Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blueberry picking!

I mentioned in my last post that we went blueberry picking last week, which despite his new-found hatred of blueberries, Dashiell really enjoyed doing.  I happen to have some cute pictures from that day, so I thought I'd post them!

We went to a cute little pick-your-own farm called "Parlee Farm" in Tyngsboro, which in addition to fruit picking and farm stands has a great petting barn area with lots of goats!  The one above wanted to make friends with Dashiell right away!

But look!

There are goats climbing around on ramps!

It was a pretty cool set up.  I didn't get a picture of this, but they have a tall platform at the top of one of the ramps that you can use pulleys to get food up to, so the goats LOVE going up to the platform to get additional snacks!  Dashiell and his friend Liam fed goats the usual way, though, by gingerly holding out a hand full of food, then dropping most of it as soon as the goat licked at their hands.  Sorry goats!

After checking out the goats it was time to grab a bucket and pick blueberries!  There were a TON of them, and plenty at Dashiell-height so I didn't have to pick him up to get to the good ones.  I instructed him on which were the best blueberries to pick (the big ones that don't have any pink on them), and he was so good about picking the right ones!  He was so single-minded on this task - his friends that were with us were running about, picking a few berries but mostly playing around (or eating the berries they picked), yet still Dashiell was focused on the task at hand and didn't stray!  I was amazed!

Here he is, bringing his perfect berries to me to put in the bucket.  Don't let the mouth fool you - though it looks like he was eating berries, I can assure you he didn't!  He totally missed out! ;)

After a long morning toiling in the fields, it was time for a break!  Whew - picking blueberries is hard work!

It was a fun morning, and I think we'll do it again when the raspberries are in season!  Yum!

Parlee also sells amazing blueberry donuts (worth a trip out there, even if you're not picking any fruit yourself!).  Dashiell was disappointed to see that they had blueberries in them, but somehow managed to choke down 2 and a half donuts.  Poor child! ;)

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