Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In need of a new blog name!

When I first started this blog, I was almost 18 weeks pregnant with Dashiell.  Rick came up with the clever name "Baby Pending", and I chronicled the ins and outs, ups and downs of my pregnancy.  After Dashiell was born and the baby was no longer pending, we needed a name change!  The Dashiell Diaries were created, and I've been writing about the life of my little guy ever since.  But it seems like we're now in need of another name change!  My little guy is going to be a BIG BROTHER!  Woo-hoo!!

Baby2.0 at about 12 weeks

We're super excited to add another Hanson to our family!  And we're even more excited that it took comparatively no time to get this little one cooking!  With Dashiell it took two years, a lot of heartache, and a little medical intervention.  With Baby2.0 it took four months of "let's see what happens", with the thought in our minds that that Dash might end up being an only.  But the universe thankfully had other plans for us, and our cozy little family of 3 will now be a rockin' family of 4!  Yes!

Currently I'm about 15 weeks, due January 10th (though if Baby2.0 is anything like Dashiell, s/he'll be born January 20-ish.  No rush.).  And if you read my first post (linked above), at the time I was complaining about being almost 18 weeks and looking like I'm 5-1/2 months (there was a picture with the post at one time but it's mysteriously gone).  How naive I was!  With this pregnancy, it's like my belly is on steroids.  I expect to get the, "how far along are you?  6 months?" question any day.  But it's all good - as long as the baby is healthy and I'm healthy that's all that matters. 

So back to the name change - I'm seriously coming up blank.  Any suggestions would be welcomed and thoughtfully considered.  And if your suggestion is chosen, there will be acknowledgments and accolades. 

Thanks for reading and letting me share our exciting news!


Lea said...

You know I think this is just the AWESOMEST thing ever! And, I want to see that belly. I'll be pondering a name for you! YAY!

Kimberly at Echowood said...

Suzi, Suzi, Suzi! I am so very happy for you and Rick and Dash! But I confess I felt a pang upon reading your news. I'm just getting over a (long, drawn-out) miscarriage (happened at 9 weeks), but if I hadn't lost the baby, we would have had the EXACT SAME DUE DATE!!!! How fun that would have been. So. . .sad little sigh for me but big happy smiles for you! I wish you all the best, and if I should happen to think up a brilliant new name for your blog, I will let you know!
Love and Hugs,

Kimberly at Echowood said...

P.S. Oh dear, goodness me; I forgot all about my old blog (hence, the mysterious name at the top of my comment). Never mind that. It's me, your old friend Kim A. from BHS speech and drama and choir days. :)

Sherry said...

So very very happy for you guys! You're asking for name suggestions?! Love it! I will have to do some thinking...

Shannon said...

Suzi, I am so happy for you guys. Here's a name for the blog "Hanson party of ?????? This way you still have room to add more(wink, wink) :) I hope all goes well and that you are feeling ok. I read Kim's comment and it made me cry. I too went thru hell and back to have a baby and as you know ended up adopting only to get pregnant a year later. I really enjoy reading your blog and can't wait
to see you at the reunion.

PS I was HUGE with Ryan. People asked me if I was having twins and I was only 4 months along,lol.