Monday, August 1, 2011

Small bulge?

"Until this month you might have kept your pregnancy a secret, but soon your expanding uterus will have become large enough (about four inches in diameter) to show as a small bulge beneath your navel"

-Except from As your Baby Grows: from conception to birth, Chapter "The 4th Month", from the publishers of American Baby

"Small bulge" my [bleep]! 

(there, Lea, are you happy now??  You got your bump picture!) ;)


Lisa said...

Ha! Ha! Yeah... that second baby shows a lot sooner. :) We went to a Christmas party when I was 8 wks with Jacob and everyone could tell- and not just because I wasn't drinking. You look fantastic!!

Lea said...

Awww, Suzi! You look beautiful! Awesome.