Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dashisms and Competitive Kids

Dash happily climbing a tree!

I've been trying to think of all those things Dashiell says repeatedly that make me laugh.  So far I've only come up with four, but I know there are more that I just can't conjure up in my head right now.  Here are some of our latest Dashisms:

"You tell me!"  This is said often and for many reasons.  For example, Dash has been having bad dreams fairly often these days (poor kid), and if I ask what they were about, he'll say "you tell me".  As if I'll know.  Pretty much anytime he says this it's in response to something I won't have any clue about.

"Because I did."  As in, "Dashiell, why did you throw that lego across the room?"  "Because I did".  Toddler/preschooler logic at it's best!

"No no no!".  Dashiell cannot just say "No".  He has to wave his hand back and forth, solemnly shake his head, and say "no no no!" (emphasis - no-NO-no).  I always have to hold back my smile.

"Drive safely and be careful!".  Dash has to say this to me every time I leave the house.  Sweetie.

On to the competitive kids post (which should be separate, I know, but I'm feeling lazy...).  A couple of weeks ago it was pointed out to me that other kids are competitive.  Mine is not.  My friend Meghan's son C will respond to challenges like, "race you to the bathroom" if they are trying to encourage him to go.  I just don't think that would work with Dashiell (IF we could ever get him to use the bathroom, but that's another post)!  If he's racing around with other kids, he puts himself in the back of the pack - he has no interest in "getting there first", he just wants to run around and be part of the fun!

Yesterday we experienced the extreme opposite of Dashiell when we went to the park.  Another little boy was there who was Mr. Competitive.  First off, he had to keep telling Dashiell that he was four while Dash was only three.  Repeatedly.  And because he was four, he could do things Dashiell couldn't do, like not hold on to the swing while swinging (it was one of those bucket swings so it was fairly safe to do).  And Dashiell couldn't ride on the swing that only had a chain in the front instead of the full bucket seat because he was only three, not a big four year old like him.  And D couldn't swing as high as him, either.  And Dashiell couldn't jump on pedals of the airplane rocker because he was only three.  And this little boy didn't like to play with the steering wheel thingie because he was four - it was okay for Dash to play with it because he was only three (which was a bit heartbreaking since Dash was excited to play with it and said, "come play with me over here!" when he wanted him to play).  Seriously, the "you're only three" line was getting old.  The other little boy decided he wanted to play ball, and Dashiell excitedly said, "I want to play ball, too!", so I told Dash that he should ask if that would be okay, to which to little boy reluctantly agreed.  They kicked the ball around a little together, the boy had his turn kicking it for while, then Dashiell ran around with it for like 30 seconds and I saw that the little boy was getting a bit huffy.  I told D that it was the other boy's turn, he gave the ball back, and the little boy stood there not playing with it for a minute until he decided he didn't want to play anymore.  He was obviously upset that Dashiell was playing.  Then they were climbing on the big rock and the little boy was mad because Dash wanted to climb on it at the same time.  His mom was valiantly trying to convince her son that Dashiell could do anything he wanted, and that they could play together, and she was really trying to do everything she could to stop her son from being so competitive and hurtful.  Oh how she tried!  

But then came the kicker (which was actually pretty funny):  As they were leaving the little boy came up to us to say goodbye.  He said, "I have to go home because I'm sweaty".  Dashiell exclaims, "I'm sweaty too!" (as in, "look how much we have in common!" Ha!).  Then the little boy says, "I'm MORE sweaty!"  Oh heavens.  Really? 

I'm so glad Dashiell was mostly oblivious to what this little boy was trying to do.  Dash doesn't want to compete, and he doesn't care about winning, he just wants to be part of the game.  I hope he never changes.

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