Friday, September 9, 2011

Babysitter worries

So I was going to combine this post with the birthday post for Rick (especially since I don't have any appropriate photos to go with it) but it didn't fit.  However I just need to get all my concerns out here since they're on my mind.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we are going to the wedding of Rick's cousin Chris and his wonderful fiancee Timna.  It should be a beautiful wedding and a lot of fun - we'll know a good portion of the people attending, which always makes for a good time.  The issue: no kids are invited.  Which I COMPLETELY, 100% understand - we didn't invite kids to our wedding either other than my niece and nephew who were in the wedding.

Logically I know that not having Dashiell with us will be a good thing, and will make it a lot easier for us to have fun while there.  But I'm nervous.  This will be the first time Dashiell will be left alone with a babysitter who isn't a family member.  We did a test run with our babysitter a couple of weeks ago, just so Dash could get to know her and get used to her, and it went okay.  D was a little sad that I wasn't around, but the babysitter did a fine job.  But it was only for about an hour and a half in the middle of the day.  No meals were eaten, no trying to get him to bed, no challenges - it was simply a meet and greet playtime.  This time around it will be for probably 6+ hours.  We're keeping dinner simple by leaving money for pizza, so that shouldn't be too difficult.  But bedtime.  Oh, bedtime.  Our little man seriously takes about an hour or sometimes two to fall asleep, and he often requires multiple diaper changes after we put him to bed (and yes, he is still in diapers - frustrating as it is, he's a stubborn little guy and he refuses to use the potty).  And then there is the question of using his diapers and letting someone who isn't a family member change him.  The last couple of times I took him to the daycare at the gym he ended up peeing in his diaper and getting soooo upset that I wasn't there to change him.  Didn't tell the babysitters that he was wet, just cried, and cried, and cried, until I got done with my workout and was able to take care of the situation.  Will he be reluctant to go when the babysitter is taking care of him at home? Will he try to hold it until we get back?  I mean, the kid can hold it for hours on end during the day without any problems, but this will be right before bed, which is a different story.

I know I need to stop worrying.  What's weird is that I'm really only worried about these little stupid things that aren't going to cause long-term damage to my boy.  Safety issues?  I've barely thought about them - in fact it wasn't until last weekend when one of our friends asked if our babysitter knew CPR that it even occurred to me that I should have asked!  I did make a list of D's allergies and what to do to treat them, but since he's never had a serious reaction I'm pretty confident that we aren't going to get a call from the babysitter in the middle of the ceremony telling us he went into anaphylactic shock and is on his way to the ER.  It hasn't happened yet, and the chance of it happening while we're gone is close to none.

So why can't I just let go of this concern?  Dashiell will be fine, I know, and in a few years I'll look back and wonder what I was even worried about.  But right at this moment, I can't help but fret.  Sigh.

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Lea said...

Sigh. The things we worry about. I hope it all goes well and you are able to enjoy yourself. In the end, it's one night, and D will be ok. It won't be the same as you being there, but he will be ok!